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Shadowlight samurai ranger symbol :iconc02oblivious:C02oblivious 2 2 Random logo build 1 :iconc02oblivious:C02oblivious 0 0
Tex twins chapter 4
(Not finished)Gex woke up her head hurting more than usual " you ok gex?"tex asked as she saw her"y-yeah I'm fine what happened?"gex asked"i accidently hit you in the head and knocked you out."tex replied"ouch."gex said
:iconc02oblivious:C02oblivious 2 6
The sickness can't hold us down short story
The British soldiers were coughing and showing all signs of sickness the nazis had launched a gas attack using a unknown gas the soldiers that had gas masks on were the lucky ones a soldier stepped up " Listen to me chaps can't you see those blighters over there trying to kill us off slowly is that really what our queen and country would want?"the soldier asked"no I say we pick up our weapons and charge towards the enemy lines if we're going to die let us die in battle."the soldier added grabbing his rifle before grabbing a whistle the soldiers prepared the soldier blew the whistle they began the charge.
Meanwhile on the German line
"You ever seen the Führer in person?"A German soldier asked"no mostly it's the members of the Ss or children that get to see him up close in person at least that's what I heard."another soldier replied"i should hope your not bad mouthing the Führer know what happens to anyone that does that."the German soldier said their conve
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Ws Emily wren doodle :iconc02oblivious:C02oblivious 5 19
Syndulla sisters Chapter 6
Meili took a sip of the drink Hera had given her "thanks Hera."Meili said as she finished her sip "your welcome meili."Hera said with a smirk " my head tails kinda sting."Meili said " trust me they tend to be quite sensitive and us twi-lek's tend to call them lekku's sometimes it's slightly quicker than head tails."Hera said"i kinda miss having hair on my head."Meili said"don't dwell on that meili you are who you are now!"Hera said " But who am I Hera?"Meili asked " you're my sister meili I love you alot."Hera said as she put her hand on meili's shoulder"do you think you can call me that?"Hera asked"I think I can try."Meili replied"good."Hera said meili gave a sheepish smile " so how have you been holding up besides that incident with the empire?"Hera asked"i've been struggling to sleep it feels weird with lekku's."Meili replied Hera had thoughts dwelling on her mind from the test she ran between meili and sabine and Emily's dna she had a small match to them as well not enough to reall
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zeary :iconc02oblivious:C02oblivious 3 18
Syndulla sisters Chapter 5:on the recovery
The heart moniter showed a steady heartbeat meili's skin was returning to its normal colour slowly but surely Hera had moved the ghost away from lothal and since then has rarely left meili's side making sure to take care of any needs that may come about"h-hera you know you can leave r-right?"Meili asked"yes I know but last time I left you alone something bad happened and honestly feeling somewhat to blame for you getting hurt I am not a fan of."Hera replied " but you need your sleep Hera."Meili said "Meili I'm making sure my sister gets better."Hera said grabbing meili's hand she looked at Hera only managing a small smile " Hera I'm f-fine but I don't feel fine knowing your not getting any sleep."Meili said " ouch!"Meili winched as she put her hand up to her face"your painkillers must be running out hold on."Hera said as she changed the bag " can you see ok?"Hera asked waving her hand back and forth " yes Hera I can see fine the bandage doesn't really obstruct my view jeez Hera go and
:iconc02oblivious:C02oblivious 2 8
Syndulla sisters Chapter 4:rescue
Meili woke up a throbbing pain coming from her cheek " I'm so stupid I got captured!"Meili said " quiet rebel scum!"a trooper said meili froze as she heard the safety being switched off she didn't notice the trooper that was behind her the only door to the room slid open and a imperial officer walked in and sat down in the chair at the opposite side of the table " You will tell us what you know about your rebel friends!"the officer said sternly meili knew to play dumb"rebel friends that's a tad insulting towards me I was just a passer-by before getting wrongfully captured."Meili said"you were using a blaster as reports said!"the officer said"so what I decided to take a few pot shots at some things so what can't a twi-lek catch a break?"Meili said the officer got up and walked around the table and hit meili across her face knocking her off the chair " trooper hand me that."the officer said as he pointed at a data pad the trooper handed it to him " Let's see ahhh here we are Hera syndull
:iconc02oblivious:C02oblivious 2 20
Syndulla sisters chapter three
Meili woke up and went to the washroom she didn't have the best time sleeping as her lekku made it slightly awkward she looked into the mirror " how did this even happen to me?I still can't believe this."Meili said quietly as she touched her face zeb walked past the door and looked at meili with sleepy eyes"morning Hera."zeb grumbled meili closed her eyes and shook her head before walking out of the washroom she went and sat in the cockpit Hera wasn't around " huh Hera must've gotten in quietly so she didn't wake me up."Meili mumbled under her breath she picked a seat and sat on it and sighed " this is nuts this shouldn't of happened to me."Meili said quietly " huh your already awake how could I tell?"Hera said from behind meili which startled her she turned to look at her"You look like you've barely had any sleep Hera."Meili said"you barely look any better meili."Hera said putting her hand on her hip"h-how am I supposed to look Hera I'm not even myself anymore hera I'm basically you."
:iconc02oblivious:C02oblivious 2 18
Syndulla sisters chapter two
Brad woke up blindfolded and tied up " hello guys is anyone there?why am I tied up?"Brad asked the others were standing not that far away from her " What is wrong with all of you I left to get a med kit for her and I come back to find you lot have tied her up against my orders might i add!"Hera yelled " she can't be trusted Hera she could be a imperial spy!"Zeb exclaimed " you guys thought that about me but it wasn't true."Emily said " this isn't about you it's about this twi-lek right here!"Zeb hissed spectre-7 kept quiet " so you don't trust her because she's a twi-lek?!"Hera asked tapping her foot " Hera that's not what I meant."zeb said"oh really garazeb orrelios just for that I might just send you and emily on a supply run here's a list get to it now!"Hera said " But Hera I didn't do anything."Emily argued " I need you to keep an eye on zeb never know where he'll mess up."Hera said the two walked away  with the list Brad felt the difference in her body the cushion on her butt
:iconc02oblivious:C02oblivious 2 24
Hera syndulla tg tf chapter one
"Don't worry Hera I got it watch over the ghost make sure everything is in working order."Brad said clearly getting annoyed with Hera being almost repetitive in what she says " we'll be back soon specter-8 so do yourself a favour and don't let us down."Kanan said"*sigh*its fine I won't."Brad said before they left " jeez this is totally outta whack it'll take a miracle to fix this."Brad mumbled to himself before fuel spat out at him covering his face he was lucky he was wearing goggles " damm it now I have to get myself cleaned up there's no way I'm working with fuel on my head!"he said to himself before he went to the washroom
To wash it off his face but when he looked at his face in the mirror his skin had gone a slight blueish green color which was honestly unusual " wha?did that fuel affect my skin?"Brad said to himself as he examined his now blue/green skin before long his hair uprooted from his scalp before falling to the floor leaving his blue head bald before two shapes began to
:iconc02oblivious:C02oblivious 2 53
Persuadable bouncer :iconc02oblivious:C02oblivious 0 0 Captain America Civil War meme :iconc02oblivious:C02oblivious 0 0 I voted trump(Not really XD) :iconc02oblivious:C02oblivious 3 0 I'll wipe him from your mind don't worry :iconc02oblivious:C02oblivious 3 0


Amber Wren Chapter 1
Aaron shifted his grip on the blaster, ready to fire when needed. Kade and Maarkhan were crouching behind the same stack of crates. After some time, troopers arrived on the platform, watching over a few special crates, that the rebels had to get.
Kade touched Maarkhan's shoulder to tell him, that it was his time to attack. The wookie nodded and raised his battle axe and charged, straight toward the Troopers. Aaron and Kade went around the back, as the troopers were preoccupied with the wookie.
Then Kade rushed forwards, grabbed two crates and pushed one towards Aaron. Aaron took it, and they both ran back to where the collection point was. Kade said into a com link. "Ryan? Come down here."
"I'm coming." Ryan answered. A ship flew down, and the ramp opened. Kade and Aaron pushed the crates inside, Aaron went to tell Maarkhan that they could go, as he probably wouldn't listen to his com link. He rushed outside, and nudged the wookie in the back, after seeing all the troopers were on the
:iconahsokatano1611:AhsokaTano1611 2 3
L-51 (WS) :icondustyspartan32:DustySpartan32 4 7
High School 36
They had been running non stop for 15 minutes, Jawy was still her normal self. Had someone taken it away from her? Or was it her wishes that she would be normal again? Zeary was crying fervently, Jawy hated seeing it, but they had to find somewhere to stay for the night. Then an idea came to her, as they nearly ran past it. Where Anakin lived...
"Zeary stop." She said. Zeary stopped beside her, still sobbing. Jawy put an arm around her for comfort, and with her free hand, reached upwards for the doorbell. She rang it but no answer came. He must be somewhere outside. She fumbled in her trouser pocket and found the spare keys he had given her. She swiftly unlocked the door, and they slipped inside. They went up into Jawy's old room, and Zeary sat on the bed there crying still. "Oh Zeary..." jawy said, sitting beside her.
Zeary hugged her and said "Randy would never do this..."
"I know exactly how you feel, except I was the Randy then. I felt absolute crap, after I learned..."
Zeary went
:iconahsokatano1611:AhsokaTano1611 3 20
Em (WS) Version 2 :icondustyspartan32:DustySpartan32 5 2 Em (WS) :icondustyspartan32:DustySpartan32 4 47 Dark Mina :iconspinekicksy:spinekicksy 10 37 Meili and Hera Syndulla :iconspinekicksy:spinekicksy 9 29
High School 35
5:56... four minutes. Jawy just waited in her room. She hated it, being an animatronic. It was too much of a hateful thing and it took her life away from her...
"I hate this." She said as the clock clanged 6:00. She could hear the others, transforming but to her, no pain came. Her hand was normal. Her teeth weren't extra long...
"What?" Jawy said confused. She looked in the mirror but no change... nothing. She was... normal. Exactly like she was before they killed her.
"No. This can't be happening."
She heard someone's step outside. It was robotic so she knew it wasn't Zeary. She quickly locked the door, and put a chair under the door handle. She remembered when she was at Chica's house, she had nearly killed her then... would the same happen if she showed herself?
She climbed out the window, and ran to zeary's window. She tapped it. Zeary opened it.
"Jawy, why aren't you an animatronic?"
"I don't know! C'mon. We have to get away from here."
"Why?" Zeary asked.
"We're normal, they can
:iconahsokatano1611:AhsokaTano1611 4 114
Death :iconahsokatano1611:AhsokaTano1611 5 14 Nebbie and Zeary WIP :iconahsokatano1611:AhsokaTano1611 5 21 Jawy and Zeary WIP :iconahsokatano1611:AhsokaTano1611 5 15
High School 34
"GUYS! FOR THE FINAL TIME, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF IT!" Jawy yelled in their face.
"Jawy, listen to reason. Your an animatronic, you have to-" said Foxy
"I don't want to be one of you." Jawy scowled. "I'd rather have a normal teenager life, staying up late with my friends, doing things with my master, but I can't because of you." She said, pointing at freddy.
"Jawy i-" Chica reached out for her.
"I don't want to hear it." She said slapping her hand away.
She turned her back and ran into her room and locked the door. She began crying, huddling up in front of the door.
Zeary looked left and right, and herd crying coming from Jawy's room. Was she crying? "Maybe I can do her a favour." She said. She knocked on the door.
"Who is it?" Came a voice, choked with tears.
"Me. Zeary." Said Zeary.
She herd shuffling and the door creaked open. Jawy had tears running down her face, and her eyes were all teared up.
"Come in." She said.
Zeary slipped inside, and as soon as Jawy closed the door, hugged he
:iconahsokatano1611:AhsokaTano1611 4 15
Hera Syndulla :iconahsokatano1611:AhsokaTano1611 9 18
High School 33
"Bonnie!" Randy called. He ran down the corridor to his brother.
"What is it?" Bonnie asked.
"I um... need to talk to you. About things." He said, carefully.
"Um ok." Bonnie said. Randy grabbed him and dragged him to the room which they shared.
"What is it Ran?" Bonnie asked.
"I'm afraid girls don't like me." He said. "Not many people like red heads, especially girls."
"Oh this is what it's about huh? I see. Do you have a crush on anyone?"
"Kinda..." Randy said, blushing. "Who?" Asked Bonnie curious.
"Z- Zearianatte... but I haven't seen her for a long time. I'm kinda worried about her, maybe she's just shieing away from me"
"No, Ran she's doing it to everyone, except Jawy strangely. I've seen jawy go into her room sometimes." "Really? I can ask Her what's wrong with her... but um..." he looked uncomfortable.
"What is it?"
"I don't think she likes me..."
Bonnie chuckled. "Have you seen her?! She totally does, she literally goes as red as a tomato when she sees you or heard your name"
:iconahsokatano1611:AhsokaTano1611 3 25
High school 32
Brianna woke up, and then realized his throat was strange, he went to the bathroom to see if any tablets were there, when he saw himself in the mirror and gasped. His well more like her face was exactly like a female, and to her surprise, her body was exactly like a female's. Her hair had grown down to her chest. How had it happened? Hopefully it wasn't a dream, she checked the digital clock and saw the numbers weren't scrambled.
"What?!" She yelped.
She was surprised but also happy and glad.
Jawy was just sitting where Bonnie had shown her the sunset when bonnie sat beside her. "Hey Jawy." "Hey Bonnie." "Well um... I just checked on my sibling and somehow she's a female." "How is that possible?" Asked Jawy. He shrugged. "She's the happiest she's been in years. Which is nice to see."
"I can imagine." Said Jawy.
A few minutes of silence went by.
"Do you remember the day I told you I had a crush on you?"
"Yeah Bonnie."
"Well I still do have one."
Jawy looked at Bonnie. "Me too." And then
:iconahsokatano1611:AhsokaTano1611 3 10
Highschool 31
Jawy was just walking back to her room, to maybe play a few games, or just sit around when the front door opened.
"Hello?" Someone called out.
Jawy looked around the corner and saw two humans with bunny ears like Bonnie and Randy had. One had electric blue hair, and the second had pink with light purple on the ends.
"Hello!" The one with blue hair called out again.
"Hello." Jawy said, emerging from the shadows.
"Oh hello. I haven't seen you before." Said the one who had been calling out.
"I'm Jawsoka, they call me Jawy. Are you Toy Bonnie or-"
"Yep. That's me. And this is well Bonnie and Randy's sibling." He said gesturing to the other one.
Jawy took a closer look at the second one. "Is that a he? No it's a she but it looks like a he, a he and a she?!" She thought. "Or it's a he pretending to be a she?"
"Hi. I'm Brian" the other one said. "But I prefer to be called Brianna."
Bonnie came down the hallway and saw them. "Hey there!" Then he hugged Brian/Brianna. The newcomer was a bit sma
:iconahsokatano1611:AhsokaTano1611 3 12



Guys can't you see this quiet is boring as hell
Wait what country is power rangers samurai based?
Now I have a cough this is bullsh*t I'm so angry right now gah
4th day of being sick litrally this is horsesh*t I shouldn't be this sick for this long
Weapons:night blade and dragon bow
Abilitys:can switch between weapons while sword is equipped base speed is increased allowing swift and unexpected attacks while bow is equipped her movement speed matches hanzo's but slightly faster her bow has a quicker pull back time but at the cost of overall damage.
Passive abilitys:wallscale:when you run up to a wall and press A it should allow you to climb the wall similar to how a normal wallclimber would allowing for carefully planned strikes from behind enemy's making her a hard to play character.
Ultimate ability:becomes extremely fast and attack speed is increased significantly for a temporal amount of time.
Ultra rare:crimson,night.
Legendary:nightstrike,good student,practice Lucy.
character interactions:
Tracer:Hey i love the sword."thank you I try my best to make it look nice not that it matters for the enemy though.
Genji:we meet again master."I guess we do my student I hope your putting my teachings to good use."don't worry I am.
Reaper:You should really use weapons more suitable for someone of your skill."don't know what you mean by that my sword and bow are good enough for me.
Macree:bit young to be fighting with that blade there missy."well I gotta use something and better to use what ive trained with.
Soldier76:How much chance do you think I could avoid that tactical visor of yours?"well I wouldn't get your hopes up about it."
Phara:you should really think about becoming a member of security you seem to know how to handle yourself."nah its not my kinda thing.
Bastion:you know Bastion I always liked your design."bwoo bwooo beep be boop.
Junkrat:a bit tad excessive with your explosives don't you?"oh you know I tend to take five defiantly not thinking about blowing something up.
Torburn:you know I could always improve that blade of yours."thanks but I think it's fine the way it is little strange dwarf."I am not a dwarf!
Hanzo:So my brother actually teaches a student hopefully you didn't pick up any of his flaws."he's a good teacher he's the only one I can really relate to since there aren't many cyborgs around.
Dva:did you win that at a game competition?"no I earned it through hard work!
Reinhardt:that little blade won't save you forever."that's what you think.
Roadhog:"You know I crush little omnics like you all the time."I'm not a ominic I'm a cyborg girl!
Zarya:looks like you've been doing cardio I'm impressed."thank you my speed is my greatest ally.
Ana:you know that going that fast could get you into trouble."we'll nothing bad has happened so far so yeah.
Mercy:it seems that cyborg body is serving it's purpose?"yes thank you mercy your kindness is still appreciated.
Lucio:you need to give yourself to the rythem."I might but I might not.
Zenyata:I assume genji has been a good teacher?"yes he has been Zenyata."you share alot in common.


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